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Bed Bugs

Having bed bugs in your home or office space is never ideal, but it happens from time to time. It’s all too easy for bed bugs to infest your property, but getting rid of them on your own is not nearly as simple. That’s why Stop Pest Control Power Washing Inc. is here to help.

For years, we’ve been inspecting properties like yours and dealing with insect pest issues at the source. Our experts can quickly and efficiently rid your property of bed bugs and help you avoid similar problems moving forward.

If you suspect a bed bug issue, don’t wait around. Connect with our team at (313) 914-2981.

Call Us When You Suspect Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are usually too small to be easily noticed by eye, but there are a few signs that can indicate bed bug activity. Keep an eye out for:

  • Red, itchy spots appearing on the skin
  • A musty odor
  • Blood or rust-colored stains on your sheets or furniture
  • Dark spots on your walls
  • Bed bug shells
  • If your friends or neighbors have bed bugs

Also, if you’ve recently purchased a second-hand bed couch or bed, we recommend checking for bed bugs and being alert to the above signs.

Understanding the Importance of Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs aren’t inherently dangerous because they aren’t known to carry disease. However, while they may not be explicitly dangerous, their bites can be itchy and uncomfortable.

Once bed bugs take over your home or business, they’re very difficult to eliminate and can cause problems for quite some time if left unchecked. The real problem is that bed bugs reproduce quickly and can easily spread to different areas of your home or business or be carried into new spaces.

Addressing bedbug concerns as they arise is essential to keeping the problem under control, so don’t wait. If you suspect bed bugs, give us a call ASAP.

Speedy Bed Bug Extermination

Once our team has investigated the situation on your property, we’ll spring into action, removing bed bugs from your space thoroughly. We may use various methods depending on the nature of the situation. Our approaches include but aren’t limited to:

  • Crack and crevice injection
  • Pesticide dust
  • Mattress encasements
  • …and more

If you have a preference among our extermination strategies or questions about what we can do for you, give our team a call. We’d be happy to provide you with the information you need.

Affordable Rates on Bed Bug Removal Services

Bed bug infestations happen, and when they do, you want to be able to afford removal services. At Stop Pest Control Power Washing Inc., we’re proud to offer some of the best rates on bed bug removal in the local area, and we look forward to sharing our great pricing with you.

We’ll let you know how much the removal will cost once our experts have completed a thorough inspection. Contact us to book your examination and consultation at a convenient time.

Avoiding Bed Bug Infestations in the Future

You can take various measures to avoid bed bug infestations in the future. We recommend:

  • Vacuuming often
  • Getting rid of clutter
  • Sealing cracks and crevices
  • Checking second-hand furniture for bed bugs

Bed Bug Extermination

Our reputation with our customers is as important as your reputation with yours, and ensures our adherence to the highest performance standards in the industry. Contact us for further information.

Detroit Bed Bugs

  • Small brownish red insects, usually 4-7mm long.
  • Eggs are 1-2mm long, white in color
  • Nocturnal- active at night while you are sleeping.
  • Commonly found in seams of mattresses, cracks in headboards and footboards, cracks in baseboards, clothing, couches, chairs, etc.
  • Bites appear 3-4 in a straight line as red bumps that itch.
  • Blood spots may appear on sheets, mattresses, and pillows in the morning.
Bed Bug Cycle

Bedbug Infestation Preventatives:

  • Vacuum regularly, discard vacuum bag after using if bed bugs are present.
  • Wash all used clothing as soon as you bring it home and dry in a high temperature dryer for 20-30 minutes to kill any bugs or eggs that may be on the clothing.
  • Do not buy used furniture or pick up furniture from the side of the road.
  • When traveling- Put luggage in trash bags and seal it, inspect the bed and room for signs of bed bugs prior to unpacking.

Bed Bug Infestation


Bed bug bites

Important Information

  • Moving does not mean you are rid of the problem you can move an infestation with you.
  • You don't need to throw away and buy all new furniture. Most furniture can be treated.

To find out how to prep for your bed bug service.

What to do after your bed bug service.

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